Tackle your complex network challenges head on

TOWARDEX is your high-performance network specialist. With the cloud transforming your network into your most critical business asset, it's becoming more challenging to meet user expectations. Based in Massachusetts, we specialize in providing innovative and optimized connectivity solutions for the cloud and network-enabled enterprises.

Unleash your network potential

Full spectrum connectivity solutions

With a powerful portfolio of facilities-based network services, our versatile platform of connectivity solutions enables you to take command of today's most challenging, complex networks.

Our diverse statewide fiber network is connected to data centers, interconnection hubs and peering points around Massachusetts, providing our customers with creative connectivity solutions for their data center and cloud deployments.

We're your network strategy experts.

Enterprise Network Solutions

TOWARDEX applies innovative approaches to design and integration of highly sophisticated network architectures, maximizing adaptability, scalability and performance.

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Transform your network into a competitive advantage.