Settlement-Free Interconnection Policy

Autonomous System Numbers

TOWARDEX Carrier Services IP (CSI) operates using the autonomous system number 27552, and peers in accordance with the policies described herein.

PacketSurge Enterprise Network Services (ENS) operates using the autonomous system number 22147, and generally does not peer.

TOWARDEX Carrier Services IP (CSI): General Requirements

  • Not have been a customer of CSI for at least 90 days;
  • Not be (indirect) customer of an existing peer of CSI;
  • Operate a professionally managed 24x7 NOC or equivalent with a knowledgeable contact who is readily available;
  • Agree to actively cooperate to resolve security incidents and other operational problems;
  • Interconnect in more than one common location;
  • Operate a fully redundant backbone network with interhub trunking links having minimum capacity of 9.95 Gbps (OC-192) or greater;
  • Must use the same peering AS at each interconnection point and announce a consistent set of routes at each point, unless mutually agreed.

Public Interconnection Requirements

  • At least 50 Mbps of aggregate traffic, measured using 95th percentile in either direction, must be exchanged. Specific exemptions on traffic levels may be made, at CSI's discretion.
  • Applicant must maintain sufficient capacity into the IX fabric to pass all traffic sent and received without queueing or loss.
  • For applicants connecting into IX virtually from remote location, the round-trip latency measured from CSI's router must be less than 5 milliseconds.

Private Interconnection (PX) Requirements

  • Interconnection bandwidth must be at least 10 Gbps at every interconnection point.

Interconnect Locations and Contact Information

Interconnect locations and contact information required to facilitate peering can be found at our PeeringDB pages, as follows:

IP Backbone
27552: as27552.peeringdb.com
Enterprise Network Services
22147: as22147.peeringdb.com